Monday, April 20, 2009

My New Skirt!!!

I have been a bit busy with a great new client.. This amazingly stylish boutique SKIRT, in Bryn Mawr, has become my #1 Fan. I created a mailer for their client list that offered the expertise of the great women that work at the store to help them rejuvinate their tired wardrobes and work with updating some of your favorite pieces with new looks.

Inside the mailer included a gift card, also designed by moi! Since then we have started many more projects that are fun and exciting. There is nothing better than finding someone that understands your vision!
SKIRT is a design/fashion lovers eutopia. The interior of the store is full of patterned walls, fabrics of all texture, color and style draping amongst the furniture and clothing. The minute you walk into SKIRT you dont want to leave. I suggest stopping by, kicking back in the SKIRT "living room" and get to know the women of SKIRT. They are sure to inspire you!
PS... There is also PANTS upstairs for you men out there!!!!!