Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sex and the City hits Stone Harbor!!!

Here is the invite to the private viewing that Skirt is having for the Sex and the City 2 movie/opening party for the new store...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Things I enjoy....

I love the worn of the chair and how the stripe of the pattern mimics that in the white. I just love anything with these colors!!!

I love comfort at a dining table. Either a couch or bench or in this case two gorgeous armchairs at either end and fill the rest with mix and match to keep it still casual.
I love the unexpectedness of the painting and then also the striped awning outside is a favorite of mine....( I daydream that the outside of the house is painted yellow with black shutters)

A kitchen to live in...
Lots of white!!!!
White Tile, Sisal, Glass Pendant Lighting, Navy Blue, Fresh Flowers and tons of natural light!

(images courtesy of Elle Decor)


Just feeling inspired.....feeling the warmth.

Dear Fashionistas...Spring 2010

This years Spring Mailer with Giftcard....

Stone Harbor

Then came the great news of the new location of the Skirt store in Stone Harbor, Nj
(the beach I spent most of my childhood at)
I have been busy ever since....
(logo, awning, wallpaper, surfboard, shopping bags, beach bags... you name it, we made it)

Moms NIght Out

The Ladies at Skirt participated in an evening event to raise money a school auction event. The invite was not only a great success, but the original artwork was then auctioned off at the end for the cause!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Let the Spring Shine In!!!

The ladies at Skirt came up with a great Essential guide of what every girl needs this Spring..I just had to come up with a cute drawing!!!!
February 2010

Wrapping up the New Year with Pearl!

Our Fabulous Bags now have tissue paper as well!!!The Caning Pattern was inspired by an old piece of furniture that I saw at a beach house..Its the most popular addition to the collection thus far!!!! Our Summer Collection is full of it!!

Where do I even Begin!???

It has been way too long and only because things have been so busy! I am just going to start sharing all the great things that have been coming out of the company.
Hope you enjoy!

We designed an insert to go into each gift for the VIP clients for their Xmas gifts this year.
The gift was a copy of The Little Book of Fashion by DIOR...

December 2009...