Friday, July 1, 2011

HYDRO ngeas!!

While walking this morning I came across the most lush bushes of these double pinecone shaped hydrangeas! I have never seen them so big and beautiful! I couldnt resist the urge to cut some.. I walked with the bunch behind my back like a bunny with a fluffy tail so no one would catch me and my find!

Riding High

This summer is full of perfect temperatures for a bike ride to the beach or to the lake, I would picture myself upon one of these beauties with a basket of wild flowers..

ahh Summer..

Its been a while, but that usually means that things are happening..
We have been blessed with great weather and a fun filled, busy summer thus far~
I am working towards a lot of newness on the horizon. Business, home, and self.
There is alot to report, but I will get the inspirational juices flowing by posting some of the things that have been making me glow...

Photos provided byPalmer Weiss