Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Things I enjoy....

I love the worn of the chair and how the stripe of the pattern mimics that in the white. I just love anything with these colors!!!

I love comfort at a dining table. Either a couch or bench or in this case two gorgeous armchairs at either end and fill the rest with mix and match to keep it still casual.
I love the unexpectedness of the painting and then also the striped awning outside is a favorite of mine....( I daydream that the outside of the house is painted yellow with black shutters)

A kitchen to live in...
Lots of white!!!!
White Tile, Sisal, Glass Pendant Lighting, Navy Blue, Fresh Flowers and tons of natural light!

(images courtesy of Elle Decor)

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MelissaHandy said...

Pearl, this home is so beautiful and serene. Is this your place or did you do the design work? I'm impressed!